Fourth ‘KLF’ brings out world’s bright writers, intellectuals

KARACHI: Like the previous three editions of Karachi Literature festival, this year too intellectually stimulating sessions with a galaxy of internationally renowned writers, authors and performing artistes are in store.

Ever since its inception in 2010, the Karachi Literature Festival has assumed a significant position in the cultural space of the country.

If on the one hand it has successfully managed to dispel the notion that Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular cannot host international events, on the other it has provided book loving Pakistanis to see, hear, meet and interact with writers of high merit.

“We’re all thrilled that a new, high-end eventhas came to town because we already know that events like those, especially three-day literary events, have a huge impact on the society,” a participant said.

The event commenced with the key notes of Nadeem Aslam, a prize-winning British Pakistani writer and famous Urdu writer Intizar Hussain.

Following a performance of Shema Kermani the event finally declared open..

The event featured many sessions and book launches, along with theatrical presentations and a children’s literature festival simultaneously.

‘Launch of Half of Two Paisas: The Extraordinary Mission of Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi’

The first session began with the book launch of renowned Pakistani social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi. Moderator Tehmina Durrani took up the session admiring the humanitarian efforts of Edhi referring to his biography ‘A mirror to the Blind’.

Durrani said that Edhi was not just a social reformer and a man who buries bodies or runs orphanages, but is an agent of change. “Talking about Edhi humbles me,” she said, as the crack of lightening stunned the room into silence that was broken by the pitter patter of rain. Indeed, some sessions were delayed by the unexpected downpour.

Following a stand ovation, Edhi settled down comfortably. “I am a human. I try to make others human too,” he said. “Every religion talks of humanity. Our religion teaches love, simplicity, yet we have forgotten everything and have become artificial.”

He said that without having anyone’s permission, he was working in the country as welfare work did not need consent.

‘Aaj ka Ghalib’

The literary figures of Pakistan like Shamim Hanfi, Wajid Jawad, Iftikhar Arif enlightened the old and modern Ghalib, the classical poetry and its relevance to the modern world.

The moderators of the session were Mahmood Jamal, Bari Mian.

After the panel’s discussion the audience were given a chance for questions mesmerize with credible answers.

‘Confronting the bomb: Pakistani & Indian Scientists Speak Out’

The next session carries the launch of Confronting the bomb: Pakistani and India scientist speak out’ by popular nuclear scientist and physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy.

Dr. Hoodbhoy illustrated the background and short tale of his book.

Upon a question he said “Are we safer today, than we were before acquiring the nuclear bomb? That remains to be seen, but I personally believe, no.”

He personally believes that bomb are the cause of destruction for the humanity. If we as a nation cant’ discard the bomb to maintain peace so atleast we should stop making more.

There were several other session took place simultaneously with many popular literary personalities of the world.

This was about all the first day as now festival has been entered into the second day with many fascinating and insightful moments.