Youtube likely to be unblocked with a firewall: Malik

ISLAMABAD: With months of effort Interior Minister Rehman Malik finally declared that Youtube, the video sharing website will be reopened with a firewall within few weeks, reported Aaj news.

Talking outside the parliament house, the minister said that the process require some time and measures but the website will be resumed within weeks.

Pakistan had banned YouTube over clips from a film hosted on the website that sought to ridicule Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The amateurishly produced film, Innocence of Muslims, caused furore across the Muslim world precipitating into mass street protests in Egypt, Libya and in Pakistan among other Muslim countries.

US embassies in Cairo and Benghazi were stormed. The US Ambassador in Libya was assassinated in a militant attack in the midst of the protests.

The country earlier decided to reopen the site but PM Ashraf ordered the plug be pulled again.

Rehman Malik earlier said on Twitter the decision to allow access again was due to huge public demand, and that the telecom regulator would install a firewall to maintain a block on unseemly content.

Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK) had welcomed the announcement of a restoration.