Vote seeking tactic, high tea at PM House

Making an optimum use of having the floor of Cheif Executive of the country, Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is reported to have held a tea party at PM house to appease voters from his home constituency in Gujar Khan.

According to our sources, there were around 200 lawyers, the members of the Gujar Khan Bar Association, at the high tea organised by Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

As a cosmetic measure, the event intended to administer oath to elected office-bearers of the bar association, but the invitation was extended to all members of the association, not just the office-bearers.

The oath-taking ceremony been presided by Law Minister Farooq H. Naek, catered to over 200 invitees were served with tea and delicacies.

Often in past, the premier did invite people from his home constituency, to enjoy the freshly cooked food at the expense of taxpayers’ money. After his election as PM last June, the PM has been inviting ‘notables’ from his hometown for lunches and dinners.

In his speech the Prime Minister Ashraf kept repeating the conventional wisdom as taught by the PPP leaders, political reconciliation, democratic practices and completion of the five-year term by assemblies.

“We introduced politics of patience, tolerance and reconciliation which has started paying dividends,” Prime Minister Ashraf stated.

He said that with the completion of the tenure of the present government, democracy has boosted and all the stakeholders hold a consensus that the democratic system should remain intact.