US Says Releasing Dead Bin Laden Photos Still Dangerous

Its been near twenty months since Bin Laden was gunned down by US commandos during a raid in Abbotabad on May 2nd 2011 at North west frontiers of Pakistan. Pictures were taken by the US forces to bear witness on slaying of the world’s most sought out fanatic.

Media sources managed to obtain some 52 images of the deceased terrorist. While the Obama Administration wants to keep the snaps under cover, as they could stir unrest and could even arouse anger against Americans, would bring ‘grave damages to national security’ said Obama on thursday. However, some of the pictures were be held by CIA officials to confirm face recognition.

“They’ll be used to inflame tensions. They’ll be used to inspire retaliatory attacks,” Justice Department lawyer Robert Loeb told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Judicial Watch also claims that CIA officials might not have followed procedures when they classified the images as secret.