US drone strike kills 12 in South Waziristan

WANA: US drones fired a volley of missiles at two compounds in South Waziristan on Sunday, killing at least12 people near the Afghan border, security officials said.

The missile attack took place in Babar Ghar village in South Waziristan.

“US drones fired several missiles at two compounds. At least 12 people have been killed and several others were wounded,” a security official in Miranshah told AFP.

We are trying to ascertain the identities of the others but the bodies have been burnt very badly,” the official said and added that death toll may rise.

Another security official in Peshawar confirmed the drone attacks and casualties.

Intelligence officials in Miranshah said they had received reports that 12 peoples had died after US drones fired up to 10 missiles on three compounds in the Babar Ghar attack, but other officials could not verify that account.

Source: AFP