Transporters violate routes to mint extra money

ISLAMABAD, Jan 2 (APP): Under the pretext of gas holidays, the transporters violate their designated routes to mint extra money from passengers, forcing them to pay double the fare for incomplete journey.

The commuters who daily travel between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, are facing problems due to non-compliance of route number 1, 1C, 2, 3, 21, 105, 120 and 127 by the public transporters.

The commuters complained that the public transporters did not ply their vehicle on routes and those who operate did not complete their routes.

Taxi drivers are fleecing commuters due to the absence of fare regulation mechanism. The people have to pay exorbitant fares due to thin public transport playing on various routes, especially during rush hours and late night.

Commuters complained that the taxi drivers charge double fare on pretext of gas shortage.
The commuters said that the authorities concerned should take stern action against the transporters involved in route violations and overcharging.

The female commuters are also facing problems of negotiating fares with the taxi drivers. “We cannot afford standing on roadsides for long time and argue with the taxi drivers,” said female commuter at Zero Point.

Taxi drivers overcharge the passengers due to the absence of fare regulation mechanism. “The drivers demand whatever they wish. Their main excuse for overcharging is shortage of CNG”, said female commuter Ayesha.

Taxi driver Mustafa Siddique claimed that due to unavailability of CNG they had to use diesel or petrol which increased their running expenditure.