Tough school admission criteria set by Lahore City Government

Parents must possess a proof of their childrens’ vaccination against polio and measles, in order to obtain a birth certificate as well as admission in school, stated Lahore government on Monday.

The District Coordination Officer (DCO) Lahore, Noorul Ameen Mengal has issued directives in this regard to all union councils in the city.

Moreover, Mengal said that if parents do not present their off-springs vaccination cards, their children won’t get admission in any school.

These steps were taken to curb a surge in the cases of polio and measles.

The DCO said that an awareness campaign will be launched throughout Punjab. The campaign will only be implemented in Lahore and if successful, it will be implemented throughout the province, he said.

Polio has been eradicated in all countries from the world except Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. In Pakistan there were 20,000 polio cases in 1994, a number which has been reduced to just 56 in 2012, after years of rigorous vaccination efforts.