The Human Apostate – If death is pre-written fate, why do we intervene in God’s plan?

“If death is pre-written fate, why do we intervene in God’s plan?”

An Analysis:

Okay let’s begin with the obvious domestic issues.  I live in an Islamic country and I am called a Pakistani.

Naturally we have two – let’s called them, self-declared cults of ‘Allah’. One calls themselves ‘Sunni’ and the other ‘Shiite’. These two cults gave birth to many other little off-springs, of course I am not stating them on their factual-chronology but rather from the perspective of an average 12 year old youth’s foresight.

Now, the second quandary that rises with time is – Sunni’s murdering Shiites, which barbarically bears us yet another hurdle – the third problem, Shiites revolting in blood.

Contemplating upon it, brings us to a ‘sad’ yet naïvely-logical conclusion – that if God claims himself – oh mighty thee – the hand of pre-written fate; he of course controls these occurrences, so he is THE – only – bearer of life and death.

Why do we seek vengeance? – doesn’t the Jerusalem’s fall, be nothing but little inscriptions on the holy pages.  Isn’t that, good enough ‘a reason?

Are we too oblivious, either too smart? Or just foolish enough to intervene?

Do we have good enough ‘a reason? That we mingle in divine plans.

We submit ourselves.

That’s the kind of conditioning we‘re being served, the first blow of a deception.

Let’s demonstrate how selfishness can be put to good use. We won’t judge these deaths for an instance and be ready to face a certain reality. Does it threaten my well-being? Yes!

Is that not good enough ‘a reason to silently but, yearn for change?

Does it not make us even remotely sense, that is but wrong?

So no, we prove human thought is worthy of intervening in God’s desire – if we may call it that.

In cell and cloister, in monastery and synagogue:
Some fear hell and others dream of paradise.
But no man who really knows the secret of his god,
Has planted seeds like this within his heart. – Omar Khayyam

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