Social Media Uproar: Local tabloid accused of false reporting

A local online tabloid, ‘Pakistan Today’ issued a story today regarding the ‘Shahzeb murder case’ and its recent development – which said that the father of the deceased agreed upon a sum of money for dropping the charges against Shahrukh Jatoi, the prime suspect in the case.

This little piece of information created quite an uproar on various social networking sites, specially twitter. Later on, it was revealed that the news was in fact a hoax and was only created for better viewership and thwarting the revolution of a movement regarding the whole predicament.

We have some tweets below, which clearly show – how distraught people got after facing such a poor exemplar of investigative journalism.

salman ahmad@sufisal

I spoke with Shahzeb’s father Aurangzeb who told me no amount of money would be acceptable only blind Justice. Pakistan Today has printed BS

Sarah Sohail Khan@sarskhan2

It is sad to see Pakistan Today promoting such false claims for a little chunk of readership . Sad Sad day for the pen . #JusticeforShahzeb

Basit Opai@basitopai

Fake story published by Pakistan today, possibly to cut off the sympathy of people for Shahzeb’s family #JusticeForShahzebKhan

Sidra Mansoor@sidra_mansoor

Pakistan Today must roll out a disclaimer before the deceased family presses charges against it.

Mubasher Lucman@MubasherLucman

i just go a call from a close friend of Shazaib who says this news by Pakistan Today is an attempt to damage the case for Shazaib.

Assad S. Khan@Assadk

Pakistan Today printed a fake story (and pulled it after outrage) about Shahzeb Khan’s father accepting blood money. Disgusting, trashy move

Umer Mukhtar@umerspeaks

PAkistan today deletes the fake article #Justice4Shahzeb


Pakistan Today posted fake news to de fame and demoralise shahzebs family #justiceforshahzebkhan. Cheap publicity stunt !

Umer Mukhtar@umerspeaks

Pakistan Today shame on you, you are trying to stop a real youth revolution #Justice4Shahzeb



Qurat Ul Ain@Qurat_ul_ainn

+1 RT @SamanTariq88:Pakistan Today shud issue an apology for falsifying news abt Shahzeb’s father accepting blood money

Zaid Riaz@ZaidRiaz007

The news published in the newspaper ‘PAKISTAN TODAY‘ is FAKE !Just trying to demoralize us, what ever they are trying to do.We will not stop

Fahad Farooq ☾☆@RFahadFarooq

@DrAwab Pakistan Today is a “moderate” paper just 2 please their english readers they come up wid such reports and cartoons @ePakistanToday


@drshazianawaz yeaaah F**k You ‘Pakistan Today‘ the F**king news source ever #JusticeForShazebKhan


F**k you Pakistan today! &when I say ‘Pakistan today‘, I mean the newspaper, not all of you sitting in Pakistan today.

Sidra Mansoor@sidra_mansoor

Disclaimer: The news abt Shahzeb’s father withdrawing the case was published by Pakistan Today which,according to shahzeb’s friend,is a hoax

Ahmad Naeem@AhNaeem

Shahzeb’s father Aurangzeb said “no amount of money would be aceptable only blind Justice. Pakistan Today printed BS”

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