Shahzeb Khan Murder: Suspect’s family manager, security guard arrested

After the apex court took notice of the Shahzeb Khan’s murder case, Karachi police department has made some key arrests in hopes of tracking down the fleeing duo of alleged killers identified as, Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur.

According to sources, the police investigation team have arrested a manager of Jatoi family and business affairs, from near Karachi’s Supreme Court registry.

The manager is now in being held at an undisclosed location under the custody of police. He was identified as Mustafa Jatoi.

According to police, the case is in good progress and despite the negative speculations they are hopeful that the culprits will be tracked and arrested within a few days.

Two days earlier, the police raided a location in Dadu in hopes of catching the culprits but they somehow managed to escape arrest and fled- It is believed that they managed to flee the raid because of insider information from within the police.

Three days earlier, a security guard who was believed to be accompanying Shahrukh Jatoi at the time of the incident, was also arrested by the police. However, a case was not registered against the security guard as there was no evidence of him being an accessory to Shahzeb Khan’s murder.

Shahzeb was allegedly murdered by Shahrukh Jatoi within the Defence area when bullets were haphazardly sprayed on his car. The incident occurred following an argument between Nawab Siraj Talpur and Shahzeb Khan in which the latter’s sister was verbally harassed by the former’s servant. Consequentially, Talpur and Jatoi followed Shahzeb and later shot him down by spraying bullets at his car.

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