Shahrukh Jatoi to be brought Karachi at 9 pm today

The key suspect in Shahzeb’s murder case, Shahrukh Jatoi who had flown to UAE to escape grave consequences finally surrendered himself for apprehension at the Pakistani counsulate in Dubai.

Senior Superintendent of Sindh Police (SSP), Niaz Khoso was present at the consulate for Shahrukh’s arrest. The suspect will be brought to Karachi today at 9 pm.

Sikander Jatoi, father of Shahrukh and a business titan, was arrested last week and sent to physical remand at Lahore High Court on illicitly assisting his son to escape legal procedures.

“Shahrukh’s surrender is a step closer to getting justice” said Shahzeb’s relieved father, DSP Aurangzeb, upon hearing that the perpetrator was in police custody.