Shahrukh Jatoi not arrested in Dubai : Sources

According to Gulf News Dubai Bureau, Dubai Police has denied reports of the arrest of Shahrukh Jatoi, man accused of murdering Shahzeb Khan in Karachi in December.

An official from Dubai police said that Jatoi was not arrested in Dubai on Monday, in contrast to what some Pakistani media outlets claim.

According to those reports the Supreme Court of Pakistan on January 1, had taken notice of the murder of 20-year-old Shahzeb Khan, the son of a serving Deputy Superintendent of Police and had directed the authorities to produce the accused in court.

The Sindh police, acting on the orders of the Supreme Court had contacted the Interpol and had reportedly sent two of its high-ranking officials to Dubai to seek Jatoi’s arrest.

“We are investigating this claims and from where they got this news,” the Dubai official said.

The official said there are procedures to be followed to arrest of some one wanted by another country.

“If that man is wanted by the Pakistani police, and he entered Dubai, we need to receive note of the arrest warrant from Interpol that this person is wanted by his own country for murder, then he will be arrested.”

The official said if Jatoi were arrested here it would be announced by Dubai Police.

According to some Pakistani media Jatoi, the main accused in the Shahzeb Khan murder case, which took place in Karachi last month, was arrested in Dubai with the assistance of Interpol and arrangements are being made to bring him to Pakistan.

They say Jatoi entered Dubai under a false name on December 27, two days after the murder.

Dubai police did not clarify if Jatoi had entered Dubai or not.

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