Samsung’s Leap in 2013… beyond S III!

Samsung Electronics, deliberates on introducing ‘two major thrusts’ in 2013; with an attempt to outdo the widely captured market by Canadian electronic giant Research in Motion.

This South Korean global leader in smart phone has been capitalizing on its aspirations via Galaxy S III, its reputed flagship Smartphone which has won security certifications from corporations, as declared by Kevin Packingham, company’s chief product officer.

Sources say that RIM’s future in Smartphone industry remains bleak as the Blackberry tycoon rolls up its sleeves to launch its next generation BlackBerry 10 in the forthcoming quarter. Furthermore, those in the corporate arena have begun to discover smartphones such as Apple and Samsung.

“The enterprise space has suddenly become wide open. The RIM problems certainly fueled a lot of what the CIOs are going through, which is they want to get away from a lot of the proprietary solutions,” Packingham said in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “They want something that integrates what they are doing with their IT systems. Samsung is investing in that area.

Samsung in 2012 overtook Apple as the world’s largest maker of smartphones, with a vastly larger selection of cellphones such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Nokia Lumia and RIM’s Blackberry that attacked different price points and proved popular in emerging markets.

Lets watch how Samsung amazes us with further strides in the world of technology. No techno-savvy individual can take his/her eyes off the upcoming enthralling innovations.