Rental power case: SC displeased over NAB’s report

ISLAMABAD: The anti-corruption officials  presented a report before the Supreme Court over orders to arrest the prime minister and 15 other people on accusations of graft linked to power generation projects in 2010.

While the apex court rejected the report and directed to implement the arrest orders.

Chairman NAB, Fasih Bukhari asserted that SC must not intervene in the Bureau’s proceedings. The three member SC bench was pensive on the current proceedings of the case, as the case is in pending since March 2012.

Mr Bukhari stated that Bureau still lacks solid witness to apprehend the PM and other offenders.

Prosecutor General NAB, K K Agha said the bureau had completed its investigations against those accused in the RPP case.

The chief justice moreover said that the ruling in the RPP case was based on government documents, adding that the accused would have to be tried under NAB laws.

He ordered Bokhari to bring the case files back to the judges later in the day so they can determine whether there is incriminating evidence.

“There may be some who consider themselves above the law, but let me make it clear there is no one above the law,” said the chief justice.

The apex court had on Tuesday ordered Bokhari to arrest Ashraf and 15 others accused of corruption in a case involving private power stations built to provide electricity to the country.

The accusations against the prime minister, which he has denied, stem from his time as the minister for water and power.