Qadri’s Pakistan – Kaabl-e-qadar?

At first it was only a selected few streets that were off limits – due to fear of getting mobbed, killed, kidnapped and what not! Then it was the whole city!

Now it seems as if the disease has spread throughout the country. No place is safe, no sanctuary left and a constant gripping fear of death fills the air!

In the midst of this chaos comes rising another self-proclaimed messiah to deliver us from ‘evil’, for lack of a better term.

Since this long march begin, there has been more mayhem than peace; as a nation we have been robbed of our sense of judgment. We don’t know right from wrong and even if Mr. Qadri is who he claims to be, we for sure will never be able to see that.

So after approximately 30 hours on the road, Mr. Qadri arrived in Islamabad and addressed a congregation of thousands around 2 am on Tuesday morning.

In a nutshell, he instructed the government to dissolve the parliament and resign by 11 am. Due to certain security threats he remained in his bulletproof container and continued his speech from the inside.

Like any self-declared revolutionist, he too faced certain hardships, as the police earlier on tried to arrest Qadri and then later on, resorted to firing – injuring one Minhaj-ul-Quran worker.

However, the crowd seemed to be pretty upset at the current state of our homeland – but they have proven to be not belligerent in nature.

Qadri’s long march, his so-called revolution did however, create uproar all over the social networking sites.

We all know this could result in nothing but a more terrifying scenario, before we know it the government will impose martial law and its going to be Zia-ul-haq ordeal all over again.

But on the other hand, it’s a basic democratic right to protest and the authorities have no solid reason to arrest or even intervene in the protest.

Things took an interesting turn, as the supreme court issued a warrant for the PM’s arrest as a consequent to Mr. Qadri’s  protest.

But the question you need to ask is – would rather put your faith in a bunch of illiterate feudalist as opposed to a man who as actually put a lot of time and effort in acquiring the required know-how to run a political system?

There is no better time for change than now!