Islamabad: ‘The Reform Protest’ enters third day

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani protesters rally for a third day in the largest political demonstration seen in the capital for years, calling on the government to step down after the Supreme Court orders the arrest of the prime minister.

Pakistan Army may intervene to resolve the stand-off between government and Mohammad Tahirul Qadir, but the military has no appetite to stage any coup like in the past, a military official said on condition of anonymity.

In the presence of independent judiciary, media and civil society, army would not repeat what it did in the past, the official said. He said linking various developments occurring simultaneously in the country with the establishment was totally incorrect.

However the international media reported that there is a well scripted plan behind Qadri’s protest rally and that the judiciary and military are with the cleric to trounce the government before the general elections due in May are held.

“There is a connection, and it is very obvious. The boots are behind it,” Pakistani human rights activist Asma Jehangir said to a news agency, referring to the military.