Proper skin care can prevent problems: Specialist

ISLAMABAD, Jan 24 : Proper skin care on regular basis can prevent many problems Skin Specialist Dr. Shirin Ansari said here Thursday.

She said while talking to PTV that taking care of skin on regular basis like cleansing,balanced diet including fruits and vegetables and drinking a lot of water  can help maintain a healthy skin.

Talking about Acne in teens, she said this is a hormone related problem and may continue uptill 30 years.Elaborating, she said Acne occurs due to hyperactivity of sebaceous glands.

Answering a question about dandruff, she said it is due to fungal infection and some medicated shampoo should be used twice a week. Talking about scabbies, she said if one person suffers from it, the whole family should get treatment as it is contagious and spreads from one person to another.

About the sensitivity of skin to sunlight, she said, people with fair complexion are more sensitive to sunlight but people with dark skin are naturally protected.