PML-F Chief Pir Pagara meets Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) Chief Pir Pagara on Friday visited Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif, to offer his condolences over the demis of his brother Abbas Sharif.

Talking to the press after the meeting, Pir Pagara said that political situation in the country has been deteriorating. Pagara said he would work with the PML-N chief without any greed. Pagara said Zardari didn’t listen to the people of Sindh, adding that a weak Sindh would undermine the federation.

Nawaz Sharif later also briefed the press, said that the whole system is Sindh is corrupt and is not being payed attention to, and there is a need for change in the system. The government let alone the whole of Pakistan, could not even take care of Sindh during its tenure.