On Shahzeb’s Birthday: Lets Pledge To Stand for Justice

Death is not the greatest loss in life, the biggest of the losses is when morality and ethics die inside a man while he is alive.

Needless to be reminiscent of the brutal murder Shahzeb Khan endured. How he died is a brutal awakening to our caretakers and to those who claim the duty of our protection.

A vivacious youth who loses life to prevent his sister’s honor is a movement now, a movement of hope, a movement of security, a movement of humanity, brotherhood.

When a nation’s conscience goes into a deep slumber, its masses needs to be awoken; not with sprays of water but with shake-overs of blood. Blood of the youth and the undeserved.

Although, many people die in our country ruthlessly everyday. They’re hit by terrorism, target killings, bomb blasts, hunger, depression, disease and countless other fatal incidents. Had the media and nation stood on the very first irrational murder (in any corner of the country) to an extent where it has campaigned for Shahzeb, such happenings would have abated a great deal.

Still, lucky is this youth to have gained such momentum and turned the ordinary masses into a strong pressure group. Hats off to Shahzeb’s family and his acquaintances for the untiring efforts.

Today, on Shahzeb’s 20th birthday, we find an uproar in mass media and the whole nation is questioning the authority and justice system.

All eyes are glued to the TV screens, waiting for Chief Justice of Pakistan to show that justice is not dead. That no matter what happens; justice will prevail.

The slaying took place in the last days of December 2012. Culprits were caught despite several attempts at fleeing.They are undergoing trial, endorsed by powerful media watchdog.

Now, the main culprit Shahrukh Jatoi, is being portrayed as an underage minor with several passports handy.

Aggravating the situation, inaccurate presumptions were made by certain media personalities. Rumors like Shahzeb’s father is backing out of the case for blood money, and the family is fleeing the country etc. But with episodic progress in the case, we have discovered that rumors were baseless and mere obstacles in the case to progress.

Shahzeb’s friends, family and acquaintances are still standing strong in hopes of justice; the whole nation is eying on fair handling of the perpetrators. A friend who dies, it’s something of you who dies.” said Gustave.

I realize that nothing in the world can bring back the soul of those departed from us. Even a thousand words and a million tears won’t bring those who have left us behind.
But let us not strangle our hopes in any set of circumstances. Justice will have effect very soon. For Justice is the only hope for a better future; to ensure that an unfair loss of life is probed rigorously.

Today on Shahzeb’s birthday, let us make a pledge to fight for justice in any form, for as long as we can; in all the ways we can. I pray that the deceased soul rests in eternal abode. This minor lad has sacrificed his life to bring a major breakthrough in our justice system.

Long live Shahzeb’s legacy!