New Year Eve: Celebratory firing injures 23

KARACHI: Celebratory aerial firing marking the start of the new year 2013 injured 23 individuals, including 2 children, within the city of Karachi, Aaj news reported on Monday.

The entire world including the city of Karachi saw celebrations reflecting the new year’s eve. Aerial firing was witnessed within the metropolis as soon as the watch clocked 12:00 am late night. Almost 23 people were reported injured as a result of the firing within various areas of the city. The injured included a one year old boy and a six year old girl.

12 of the injured were transferred to the Civil Hospital, 11 to Abbasi Shaheed while one of the injured was admitted to the Lyari General Hospital for medical treatment.

Meanwhile in the Bohra Pir area, 2 individuals were reported dead as a result of a traffic incident. Both men, identified as Burhan and Hamza, were on a motor bike when they were hit by a fast moving truck.

Following the unfortunate incident, local residents took to the street and torched the truck in protest.