NAB official’s body arrives in hometown

Kamran Faisal, a senior anti-corruption officer involved in investigating accusations that involved corruption charges against PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was found dead at his home in Islamabad on Friday.

Early morning today, Kamran’s body was transferred to his hometown Mian Chunnu soon after the autopsy.

The NAB official had been under extraordinary pressure in recent days after the country’s supreme court renewed its interest in the “rental power” scandal, which has dragged on for years. He was under so much pressure that “whenever he returned from the court he could barely walk”, said a colleague.

Faisal and another colleague, Asghar Khan, were suspended from the NAB after passing on their report into the affair to higher levels of the organisation.

As part of its judgment on Tuesday, the supreme court criticised Bokhari for removing Faisal and Khan from the case

Faisal’s father, interviewed on television, has insisted his son had “strong nerves” and would never have killed himself. The wailing father demanded for justice and urged Supreme Court to take immediate action against the myterious death of his son.