NAB officers draft evidences to prove Kamran Faisal’s murder

ISLAMABAD: As the medical report concluded the death of NAB officer Kamran Faisal a suicide, the fellow colleagues prepared a draft of evidences to prove it a murder, reported Aaj news Wednesday.

The draft will be presented in supreme court during the hearing of  rental power case on Wednesday.

The evidences gathered by the NAB employees depicted that personal belongings of Mr Faisal, including a laptop, were found missing when NAB and police officials had entered his room and found his body hanging from the ceiling fan.

The position of the body and other related stuff, including cummerbund, table, chair and their height and distance raised questions whether it was a suicide or murder.

The NAB assistant director’s burial took place in his native town of Mian Channu on Saturday, where his father Abdul Hameed held out his son’s wrists before television cameras to show what he said were “marks of ropes”. “Who commits suicide with his hands tied?” asked Hameed.

Faisal’s father insisted that his son was a man of strong nerves and would never take his own life. He demanded a criminal investigation into the incident.

Picture shows the room, used by Kamran Faisal before his death

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) official Kamran Faisal – who was looking into alleged kickbacks by the premier in transactions involving rental power plants – was found hanging from the ceiling of a government hostel room on Friday.

His death came 24 hours after the NAB chief told the Supreme Court that it did not have enough evidence to arrest Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, as directed by the court last week.

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