NAB chairman’s vague objectives

ISLAMABAD: The legal experts term PM Pervez Ashraf, technically the prime minister, unless not impeached by the country’s legislature.

On the other hand is SC which has been pushing NAB to speed up the proceedings of  rental power scam. However, chairman of the Bureau, Fasih Bukhari seems obscure about handling the high profile case.

The bureau has been trying to dodge  the apex court by removing the investigating officers of the case on charges that they had been misusing the name of the apex court.

It was the NAB chairman who informed the director-general of NAB, Rawalpindi, under whom these officers were working, that the apex court was not satisfied with the performance of investigating officers and they should be removed from the case.

The point is: in civilized societies, government watchdogs serve efficiently and are secure under the protection of law. In the case of Pakistan, progress of the accountability bureau appears to be at a snails pace,

Why did the NAB chairman strip off the officers responsible to investigate the case? Why isn’t NAB pursuing the inquiry vigorously and apprehending the accused?