NAB Chairman involved in Kamran Faisal’s death: Shahid Masood

A senior TV anchor and author, Dr. Shahid Masood, has said that officers of NAB are confident of Fasih Bokhari’s involvement in Kamran Faisal’s controversial suicide.

On social networking site Twitter, the famous TV anchor claimed that NAB officers are “convinced” that their boss Mr Fasih Bokhari is involved in Kamran Faisal’s Death and are going to present evidences against him in the Supreme Court.

Following is a copy of his tweet earlier:

“Mr Fasih Bukhari(Chairman NAB)should consult a good legal team for bail before arrest, as NAB staff will be in SC with evidences against him.”

It is speculated that highly detailed evidence, like communication recordings and documented conversations regarding Kamran Faisal’s death have reached the NAB officers’ hands.

Earlier, NAB officers announced a protest regarding the death of Investigating officer Kamran Faisal, displaying zero confidence in the higher management of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The government on Sunday appointed a judicial commission to probe death of Kamran Faisal, the NAB investigation officer, who was part of an investigation team to unveil high-profile rental power projects (RPPs) scam.