Musharaf calls Indian media ‘hysterical about everything’

“The politicians, media everyone in India have a tendency to be hysterical about everything,” asserted former president Pervaiz Musharaf in his interview with Times Now.

Former general fought tooth and nail to refute India’s allegations on beheading one of their soldiers by Pakistani forces.

“Beheading a soldier and sending back his body is inexcusable. However, knowing the Pakistan Army, I can say for sure that it is not in our culture to do something as horrific as that. No disciplined army would do that,” said Musharraf

Calling LoC occuranace a fabricated story, the former president added:

“We are not mad people. Stop painting us as rogues when you yourself are not prepared to admit all the cruelty that you inflict on us. Let alone LoC, what is the logic behind kicking our singers out, sending back our hockey players?”