Mehar Bukhari gets rehired for an astounding monthly salary of 1.8 million

Renowned talk show host, Mehr Bukhari – who was previously involved in many a scandals last year, will now be joining Dawn News – reported Journalism Pakistan.

According to the media report, she has been hired on a monthly salary of approximately Rs 1.8 million. She has been off screen for several months now and was last working for Dunya News. That is where she first ran into trouble as a video –  of her and her co-host then, Mubashar Luqman surfaced over the internet, in which they were having a conversation behind the scenes, with their guest, Malik Riaz.

The clip first posted on YouTube revealed the interview with Malik was set-up as Meher admitted herself during the conversation that took place before the program and during commercial breaks.

The video immediately went viral and created uproar over social networking sites, where people were questioning media ethics.

Mehr has also worked for Samaa Television. Her husband Kashif Abbasi, is also a television anchor, associated with ARY Television.