Long March hardships: Cold weather shifts 90 people to hospitals

ISLAMABAD: Over 90 people including 70 children and women have been admitted to hospital s after a heavy rain hit the federal capital late Wednesday, reported Aaj news.

Tens of thousands of protesters part of Tahirul Qadri’s long march are camped out on Jinnah avenue in Islamabad for the past four days. Most of the people have pitched tents to spend the nights.

The sit-in participants kept awake throughout the night and campfires became visible as night approached around D Square. The minimum temperature in Islamabad was 3 degree Celsius. The campers told this correspondent that they came to D Square not to sleep but with great expectations that there would be change for the better and the rulers would work for them instead of for themselves.

There are many who have made temporary shelters from bits of plastic and cloth. Many brought their household possessions like beds and pots and pans with them and others are sleeping in their cars.

Meantime, Islamabad administration placed more containers to prevent protesters from going near Parliament House and kept on mounting sand bags behind the containers.