Karachi : Businesses shut; roads deserted amid strike fears

Following a huge and collective protest for the victims of Friday’s Quetta massacre, last night protestors organized sit-in protests all over the metropolitan including Bilawal House, an epicenter of PPP politics in Sindh and a residence to its chairmen President Asif Ali Zardari and his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.  

Shops and businesses stayed closed while the roads while the city gave a sight of desertion with few or no traffic on the road.

Petrol and CNG gas stations were also kept closed in most parts of the city as there was no commercial traffic on the roads.

Various key intersections of Karachi, like entrances to Shara-e-Faisal, FTC bridge-way and Numa’ish roundabout were cordoned off by the police as to provide protection to the protesters and the passerby.

Various other areas like Gulshan-e-Iqbal Expo Center, Gulistan-e-Jauher were also blocked by police and protesters staging a sit-in to show support for the Shia and Hazara community members targeted in a twin blast, in Quetta two days ago.

The protestors and the family members of blast victims in Quetta however, have now announced an end to the protest as their demands have been met by the government after an unexplained waiting period of about 72 agonizing hours.