Increasing trend of beggary irks Capital residents

ISLAMABAD: Beggary trend is increasing in federal capital and a number of professional beggars can be seen at different traffic signals,markets and Masjids which irk residents.

Among these beggars, minor aged children are usually boys whereas the infants are mostly female. Some of these female beggars are also seen holding children in their arms.

A crowd of beggars at every traffic signal can be seen where a trick of cleaning front screen is used by them.

Almost all markets of Capital like Super market,Jinnah super,Karachi company,Melody and Aabpara are under grip of beggars.

Children are dropped for begging at early morning and are picked late night.

Saima a shopper at Karachi company told APP that beggars have made their shopping difficult because they have to face a lot number of beggars.

Other residents share the same concern authorities should take effective measures against beggary in capital.