Forensic report prove NAB official’s suicide

The forensic report has come to the fore, on the death of the NAB official probing the rental power project case. The report reveals that Kamran Faisal did commit suicide.

However, Abdul Hameed, the bereaved father of Kamran Faisal, denies the finding and intends to take the matter in the Supreme Court on Monday.

The concerned police officials stated that there were no marks of torture on the body of the deceased.

Furthermore, endorsing suicide the report states Kamran Faisal didn’t eat anything for hours, due to extreme depression and he was taking anti-depressant pills as well.

Police officials have learnt that a man named Sajid was a room mate of Kamran in the federal lodges, who had fled somewhere a couple of days before death of the official. Sajid has not yet been approached in this matter, but will be interrogated by police in the upcoming days.

A two-member bench of the Supreme Court Islamabad is expected to resume hearing of the case on Monday.