Civil, military coordination vital to tackle terrorism: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday urged national security institutions to further improve intelligence gathering and establish effective coordination among civil and military institutions to comprehensively tackle terrorism.

“We have to redesign and redefine our military doctrine to achieve this objective,” he told participants here at a Certificate Awards Distribution Ceremony of 14th National Security Workshop, organised by the National Defence University.

The Prime Minister said the threats to Pakistan’s national security stem mainly from non-state actors who were targeting state’s symbols and institutions in a bid to impose their agenda.

He described the enemy as “name-less and face-less,” and assured all possible support and resources by the government to counter these elements.

He also acknowledged the “huge sacrifices” rendered by “brave security forces, law enforcement agencies and citizens” in the war against terrorism.

He said Parliament was the mother of all institutions, a repository of people’s aspirations and the custodian of national interests.

He said no military action alone can succeed and political will and support of the people were critical to its success.

“The entire nation and Pakistan’s Parliament stand behind their armed forces in their struggle to secure the future of our children”, he added.

He said the democratic government can rightfully take pride in the fact that it gave political ownership to war against terrorism and described the Swat Model as a combination of political strategy and modern warfare.

He said for national security it was incumbent that every institution works within the constitutional ambit. “Political stability is critically linked to national security,” he added.

Prime Minister Ashraf said the forces of doom and gloom thrive in an environment of chaos, uncertainty and instability.

“We need to guard against all such forces who are out to derail the system so assiduously put in place after a protracted struggle.”

He said “This is where the role of media comes in. They will have to build consensus on broad contours of national security.”

He said the threat of terrorism and extremism also involves a clash of ideas and battle for hearts and minds. “This war is also psychological. We have to expose the hollowness of this regressive mindset,” he added.

The Prime Minister said he has unflinching faith in the people and have always risen to the occasion. “We will defeat the forces of darkness who cast evil designs on our culture, values and a way of life. I have no doubt about it”, he added.