Dubai’s Burj Al Arab announces gold iPads

Dubai’s seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab has announced its new promotion in the form of 24-carrot gold iPads for use by its customers.

“The 24 carrot gold ipads are a reflection of Jumera’s philosophy to ‘stay different’ and to enhance our guests experience ‘during their stay’ , said Heinrich Mario its GM. He then added “We have also recently introduced iMacs inside all our suites to ensure that we offer thoroughly modern guest experiences and keep up with hospitality industry trends”.

The iPads are exclusively designed for Burj AL arab containing its logo and will be given to guests when they check in and will also be available for purchase at Hotel’s bespoke boutique, alongside a gold iPad mini, gold iPhone 5 and gold BlackBerry Q10.

It is not the first promotion the hotel has carried out, the hotel had also premiered a 24 carrot rose gold ipad in October 2012, as part of its ‘Pinking Burj AL Arab’ campaign to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.