Democracy exists in name only in country: Dr. Qadri

KARACHI: Chairman Tehreek-i-Minhaj-ul-Quran International (TMI) Dr Tahirul Qadri said democracy exists in the country in name alone; but, in actuality, it is non-existent in the country.

“Our revolution is peaceful, as it is Mustafavi and Muhammedi in nature and it has nothing to do with violence and rioting,” Dr. Qadri said vowing that he would not allow any impediment to pose threat to the existence and survival of Pakistan even at the cost of his life.

“I will sacrifice my life but, not let Pakistan’s existence to be jeopardized,” he said.

“I am not dispatching the proposals to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) as it has no power at all. Instead, we want India-like Election Commission,” he observed.