Demanding safety: Families of Quetta blast victims continue to protest

QUETTA: The Shia Muslim sect continued to protest from last 20 hours, demanding from the government do something to protect them from deadly bombings, reported Aaj news on Saturday.

Hundreds of Shiites staged a sit-in at the devastated snooker hall, refusing to bury loved ones until the army takes responsibility for security in Quetta from paramilitary and police officers.

Also on Saturday, the Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) took out a protest rally in Quetta against terrorist attacks in the city.

The bombings in Quetta were the worst in a series of attacks across Pakistan that killed 120 people on Thursday. It appeared to be the country’s deadliest single day of violence in five years.

The government in Baluchistan province, which is also fighting a separatist insurgency, announced three days of mourning, but the protesters squatted on the road alongside around 96 bodies draped in shrouds and placed in coffins.

Shi’ite leaders were so outraged at the latest bloodshed that they called for the military to take control of Quetta to shield them and said they would not allow the 93 victims of twin bomb attacks to be buried until their demands were met.

The burials had been scheduled to take place after Friday prayers but the bodies would remain unburied until Shi’ites had received promises of protection, they said.

“They will not be buried until the army comes into Quetta,” Shaheedi said.

Akbar Durrani, home secretary of Baluchistan province, of which Quetta is the capital Durrani said scores of bodies had been brought out into the road by the bomb site as a protest.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan demanded that the government take
immediate steps to clamp down on “murdering mayhem” ahead of the elections.

Meanwhile, The United States has condemned the “senseless and inhumane” extremist attacks in Pakistan.

Source: AFP/Reuters