Delhi gang rape case – developments since the incident

New Delhi Jan 21, 2013  – Below are the main developments since the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student in India on December 16, as her alleged attackers went on trial on Monday:


– 16: A 23-year-old physiotherapy student is gang-raped, beaten and violated with an iron rod by a group of six drunken men on a New Delhi bus. She is thrown off the bus, along with her male companion, who is also beaten.

– 17: Four people, including the bus driver, are arrested, while a hunt is ongoing for two other suspects.

– 19: A number of demonstrations are held in Delhi and other cities, including Ahmedabad and Patna, to express anger at the attack.

– 22: Indian police baton-charge, tear-gas and fire water cannon at demonstrators demanding better safety for women. Around 100 are injured, including 60 police officers.

– 23: Demonstrations are banned in the centre of the capital after the clashes a day earlier. The six attackers are all behind bars.

– 24: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urges calm and vows to protect women in the country.

– 26: Government orders a special inquiry into the gang-rape.

– 29: The woman dies in a Singapore hospital from organ failure. Thousands of Indians join protests in a mass outpouring of grief and anger.

– 30: The victim is cremated at a private ceremony, only hours after her body is repatriated from Singapore.

–JANUARY 2013–

– 3: Police formally charge five men with murder, rape and kidnapping. The sixth suspect, aged 17, is to be tried in a juvenile court.

– 7: The five suspects, aged from 19 to 35, appear in a city magistrate’s court for the first time, behind closed doors. Their lawyers later claim they were subjected to torture in police custody.

– 17: The case is transferred to a special “fast-track” court where the defendants are expected to plead not guilty.

– 21: The trial of the five adult accused opens in a “fast-track” court established to deliver speedy justice.

– The Supreme Court agrees to consider a plea by defence counsel to transfer the trial out of New Delhi.

– The father of the student calls for swift justice and for her attackers to be hanged.