Beauticians using non-sterilized tools likely to put women at HIV risk

The women who visit beauty parlors can be the victims of deadly HIV virus and other infectious diseases, if the beauticians tend to use unsafe instruments during facial treatment.

The deadly HIV virus can easily be transmitted among the women, if their beautician is using unsafe and non-sterilized instruments like scissors, placers, nail cutter and instruments attached with the steamer etc.

The Centre Manager of Behtar Kal Programme Wajid Shams Memon pointed to this while talking here on Wednesday in Behtar Kal Programme, a joint project of Marie-Stopes Society and the Federal Ministry of Health, being managed by Sindh Health and Education Development Society (SHEDS) in Sindh, which has been engaged in creating awareness among the masses about prevention against HIV/AIDS.

He said that the transmission of deadly HIV virus could be prevented, if the women first ensure that the instruments are properly sterilized. If they fail they could be the victims of the disease, he added. Manager “Behtar Kal” informed that the SHEDS engaged the community counselors to visit the beauty parlors and provide them necessary guidance regarding the utilization of safe instruments for their customers. It is necessary for beauticians to re-sterilize the instruments before applying the same to another customer, to avert this hazard.

He informed that during their team visits to some beauty parlors, the community counselors of SHEDS had achieved positive response from beauticians, as many of them were unaware that the use of unsafe instruments could also become the source of transmitting deadly HIV virus among their customers.

SHEDS community counselors also observed that in most of the parlors unhygienic practices are in vogue, which is dangerous for the customers. He added that SHEDS has therefore decided to pay special attention towards such parlors and provide counseling to their owners for the safety of the customers.