Bangladesh Team’s Visit to Pakistan was always conditional

Former president of Bangladesh Cricket Board, Mustafa Kamal denied his previous assertion about the Bangladeshi team touring Pakistan for matches. The statement came out recently when he became the Vice president of International Cricket Board.

Mr Kamal disagrees on having made an unconditional commitment about his national team’s visit. Also ICC does not have any written documents to endorse his assertion. Sources say that the now ICC vice president had made this declaration to assume the new position in ICC after his termination from the post at BCB.

On the contrary, ICC president Nazim ul Hasan endorsed Mr Kamal to have given a written consent about Bangladesh team’s visit to Pakistan. Mustafa Kamal rebutted that he always had his conditions about his team’s visit to the neighboring country. However, if the security officials give a green signal, Mr Kamal wouldn’t have any reservations about his team’s visit. This shows My Kamal was in favor of the team visiting Pakistan previously as well.