Ajmal Pahari arrested again in new murder cases

KARACHI: Shahnawaz alias Ajmal Pahari, the wanted criminal in over 100 murder cases was arrested again by Karachi police early on Wednesday, reported Aaj news.

Police sources said, the twelve new cases including four murder charges were registered in Joharabad police station, Karachi, added that Pahari was wanted for some additional cases soon after his release so Karachi police have taken him under arrest from an unknown location.

The police avoided to give any further details regarding the case.

Pahari was recently released by Sindh High court after the police failed to provide any extensive evidences against him.

Ajmal Pahari, was arrested for involvement of over a hundred murders two years back, he confessed on camera for over a hundred murders and getting extensive training from New Delhi.

At that time, SSP Chaudhry Aslam declared his arrested as a major success in the fight against terrorism and target killings, saying Pahari was a notorious target killer wanted in 111 cases of target killings.