306 children have fallen prey to measles in Pakistan: WHO

ISLAMABAD: The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an exclusive report with respect to measles outbreak in Pakistan and they have concluded that almost 306 children have fallen prey to the disease.

According to Maryam Yunus, spokesperson for the WHO,  306 children have died in Pakistan of measles in 2012 as compared to 64 in 2011.

The report further elaborates that 206 of those deaths have occurred in the Sindh province of which Sukkur was the major affected area with 33 deaths.

Almost 15 deaths were also reported in Karachi as a result of the disease.

The terrible disease has claimed almost 70 lives in the last 7 days.

According to the WHO, a measles prevention campaign has been initiated within Sindhi from Tuesday (today). During the campaign, up to 2.9 million children would be immunized against the disease.

7,234 cases of measles have been reported within Sindh and the WHO has provided the government with 1.3 million vaccines to combat the disease.