‘Bigg Boss 6’: I’m getting Rs. 7.75 cr per episode, says Salman Khan

Mumbai: Salman Khan is omnipresent- in films, TV and commercials. He is the undisputed king of the Box Office, a super successful host on TV and a brand ambassador for a wide range of merchandise. And above all ‘Being Human’!

The hunk of an actor comes across as someone who is brash and outspoken at times but you cannot afford to ignore his witty side.

Recently when the actor was quizzed by HT about his alleged Rs 4 crore per episode deal with ‘Bigg Boss 6’, the actor quirkily said, “I think it was Rs. 7.75 cr. Write that so people who read this will feel jealous. Say I’m getting Rs. 7.75 cr per episode, plus Rs 1 cr for re-runs; then see their reactions. Think about it. People will be shocked and won’t get work at the same price. Then all work, including theirs, will come to me. And I will do it for Rs. 50 lakh, which is my price. We bargain with producers and channels depending on how badly we need the money.”

Source: Zeenews