Snooker champion Asif says, Israel offered money to lose match

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World snooker champion, Mohammed Asif has claimed that Israeli authorities approached him during his match with the Israeli snooker player before reaching the final.

Talking to a private news agency, he revealed that he was offered a sum of money by Israel to abandon a match, but he refused the offer and went on to win the World Championship.

Mohammed Asif is a Pakistan based snooker player who became the first person to win the World Championship of Snooker after almost two decades.

Mohammed Yousuf was the only player to achieve that before him.

Asif insisted that Pakistan government should make efforts to bring snooker into every corner of the country. Urging the importance of a coach, he said that there is a lot of talent in Pakistan, all we need is proper channeling of that talent for which a capable coach is required.

Mohammed Asif expressed his wishes to play in the international circuit for professional snooker players. He said that inclusion in the professional circuit will increase his winning confidence and keep him in good practice for the next championship.

Asif, defeated the Englishman Gary Wilson, with scores of 36-73, 72-11, 29-67, 3-72, 79-39, 70-43, 27-67, 41-88, 29-106, 78-47, 1-85, 111-1, 64-4.