Plea to open Khokhrapar-Monabao border for trade

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KARACHI, Dec. 08: President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Muhammad Harron Agar has voiced to expedite execution to open Indo-Pak cross-border trade Khokrapar- Monabao Border on the pattern of Wagah-Attari. Harron Agar exchanging view points in a meeting held here with High Commissioner of India Sharat Sabharwal, reiterated that fostering the process of regional trade and economic cooperation between Pakistan and India will bring peace and prosperity in the region, said a statement issued here on Saturday.

He hoped that negative list will be dismantled before the end of the year 2012 and Pakistan will accord Most Favourit Nation (MFN) status to India as well. Both countries will have to demonstrate same greater political will to foster relation as shown in negotiations during last tow years, he said adding that KCCi recently organized India Single Country Textiles Exhibition with Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Organizations (FIEO). One complete hall for Indian and International Pavilion is also planned in KCCI’s 10th My-Karachi Exhibition to be organized from July 5-, 2013.

He proposed to introduce Mediation/Arbitration Committees in Mumbai and Karachi to address the grievance of importers of the two countries comprising of Presidents of Karachi and Bombay Chambers or their nominees, Retired Judges, and Retired Customs Officials of Commissioner Level. Haroon Agar hoped that Pakistan will get GSP Plus in EU by 2014 which would also benefit India as next door neighbour. High Commissioner of India Sharat Sabharwal informed that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s vision is to transform South Asia with the cooperation of all neighbour countries of India, including Pakistan, the region moves from poverty to prosperity and from ignorance to a knowledgeable society.