Petrol price expected to be reduced by Rs 1.30 per liter

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ISLAMABAD: Oil and Gas Regulation Authority (OGRA) and the Oil Marketing companies have forwarded a summary to the Petroleum Ministry proposing a reduction in the price of petrol and kerosene oil by Rs 1.30 per liter Rs 0.22 per liter respectively.

The summary was sent to the Petroleum Ministry on Thursday and sources stated that the new prices would be promulgated December 22.

The summary also includes a request with respect to an enhancement to the price of Hi-speed diesel (Rs 0.36 per liter), Lite-Diesel (Rs 0.45 per liter) and Hi-Octane (Rs 1.10 per liter).

According to sources, the government would finally decide the prices by tomorrow and that OGRA would also issue a notice reflecting the price change.