“One Pound Fish” man Shahid Nazir ordered to leave Britain

LONDON: Shahid Nazir, the Pakistani man who had gained enormous fame because of his catchy number “One Pound Fish”, has been ordered to leave the British territory eyeing immigration issues. According to sources, Nazir has been told to leave the United Kingdom by the 25th of December.

Nazir was recently given a recording deal of his “One Pound” song with the greatest prospect that it would top the UK’s chart by Christmas. The singer has now been asked to leave the country since the immigration authorities found his visa to have run out of time.

According to UK newspaper “Daily Mail”, the immigration authorities have asked Nazir to leave the country and not return until his paper work issue gets resolved.

According to Nazir’s agent, uncertainty looms whether Nazir would be allowed to return back to the UK.

Nazir, rose to fame because of his “One Pound Fish” song which he used to hum while selling fish at Upton Park market. His song has almost 4 million hits on YouTube. He had actually traveled to Britain with a student visa and had carried out his work as a fish monger.