In India, a young girl was gang-raped by 5 men in a moving bus

According to Indian news media last night, a group of five men raped and severely battered a young medical student accompanied by her male friend, in a transport bus in Delhi.

According to the police, the young girl was raped and then hit on the head with an iron rod before she was thrown out on the road to die along with her friend. When the police found them, they were in a semi-naked state and immediately sent to the nearest hospital.

The 23 year old victim is currently on a ventilator and is struggling for her life.

According to police, the young girl and her friend were coming back from a movie and boarded the bus. A few minutes later an argument sparked up between the victim and a group of men riding the bus. The argument took a nasty turn when the alleged group of men started to harass the girl and her male friend.

After the incident, one of the male victim’s relative revealed that the five men took out an iron rod and started beating him with it, then they dragged the young girl towards the bus cabin where they all raped her.

Details of the scene unfolded when Delhi Police claimed to have found a CCTV footage which is helping them a great deal in trying to catch the culprits.

Rape In India

In India, rape is a commonly committed crime against women and has been over looked for ages. In the year 2010 approximately 22172 cases of rape were reported in India. It is believed that the number of rape-incidents in India is far greater than this, as more than half of such incidents go unreported.

The issue of gang-rapes occurring in India gained international attention in February of 2008, when a 15 year old British girl named Scarlett Keeling, was raped and beaten to death in Goa. Despite all the international attention and outrage, nobody was convicted of her murder and after three long years, her body was released by the Indian authorities for burial to her family. The murder revealed the dark world of the Indian tropical heaven known as Goa, leaving unanswered questions about the role of policemen in allegedly covering up the crime