Group of Dog Meat sellers busted by team Target in Mirpurkhas

Aaj Tv’s investigative journalist Syed Shehryar Asim (Sherry) and his team Target busted a group of Dog Meat sellers in Mirpurkhas, Sindh.

The group was caught red handed when team Target raided their hideout on a tip received by host Sherry.

Several dogs were rescued from the hideout while many were already cut into pieces and were being readied to sell as normally consumed goat meat in local markets of Mirpurkhas.

The group made an unofficial confession to Target’s team that the meat was being sold into local markets but due to certain legal and police protocols Target was unable to carry on it’s investigation after the bust.

The local SHO who was also present on the crime scene, was baffled by what he saw and said that this is indeed a strange discovery for him.


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