Drones to be used to catch Japanese whale hunters

-File photo

Activists against whale hunting will use unmanned aerial drones in their annual fight against Japanese whalers, reports said Saturday.

Sea Shepherd captain Peter Hammarstedt said the observational drones will allow the organisation to find the Japanese whaling ships earlier than ever before in their annual clash.

“We’ll be able to find them undetected and that will allow our vessels to get into position on the factory whaling ship, thereby shutting down their illegal whaling operations as soon as possible,” he told the Hobart Mercury newspaper.

The Sea Shepherd organisation said it will have four vessels and 120 crew from 25 countries involved in trying to stop Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean.

The Bob Barker left Sydney Saturday bound for Japan, where for the first time the activists will try to disrupt the annual whale hunt by confronting the whalers as soon as they leave port.

“We’re going to take the battle right to the front doorstep of Tokyo,” Hammarstedt said.