CNG pricing case: SC reserves judgement till tomorrow

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court on Thursday, after completing the hearing with respect to the CNG pricing case, reserved its judgement till tomorrow.

The CNG pricing case was heard by a two member bench headed by Justice Jawad Idrees Khawaja.

During the hearing, Secretary Pertoleum Waqar Masood Khan informed the Court that government had concerns with respect to the rates and hence a committee had been formed under the headship of Law Minister Farooq Naek to probe the issue during the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) meeting of the cabinet.

Meanwhile, the counsel for the CNG association, urged the Court to order the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to set the price of CNG at Rs 73/kg.

Court, while rejecting the request, stated that no interference was going to be made within OGRA’s issues.

The Court further instructed to cancel the licenses of all those CNG stations which were unwilling to get their accounts audited.

“CNG laws are uniform and should be followed by everyone. Since five years, no implementation of CNG terms has been witnessed,” stated Justice Khawaja.

“Our decision on the CNG matter would not be influenced by anyone and would align with the facts of the case,” added Justice Khawaja.