Chinese A/C manufacturers doing big business in Pakistan

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One of the China top air-conditioner makers is doing extensive business in Pakistan since long, a senior company officer said here.

“Our company has presence in Pakistan since last ten years and doing a good business”, Sun Yiqing, President Assistance and Chairman Labour Union of GREE, informed a group of media from developing countries and BRICS, grouping Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The visit was arranged last week by Foreign Ministry of PRC in coordination with the provincial government of Guangdong to brief the economic and social development the province has achieved from grass root level as it was one of the pioneers of China’s Reforms and Opening up policy introduced by Deng Xioping.

Sun Yiqing said that we have so far sold over 300,000 units of air-conditioner to Pakistan in CKD (Complete Knockdown).

He said that his company GREE has joint venture in partnership with a Pakistani trader.

Besides air-conditioners, Sun Yiqing said GREE is also supplying parts to various famous Pakistani brands manufacturing ACs.

He further said that as doing “good business” is our strategy, Pakistan is our good market.

Founded in 1991, Gree Electric Appliance Inc, one of the world’s largest specialized air conditioner enterprises integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services.

The company has nine manufacturing basses within China and outside world including Pakistan and Brazil, he said.

The company has work force of over 80,000 globally, delivering air-conditioners of 20 categories of 7,000 models.

At a reception hosted by Vice-Mayor of Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government Lydia Long at the conclusion of the media delegation visit on Thursday, briefed about social-economic Development being carried out in the city, the one of the 5 special economic zones in China.

She pointed out that as a host city of China bi-annual international airshow, it earned international fame and paved way to the outside world about its reforms and the business opportunities the city is offering.

Located in the south of Pearl river Delta in Guangdong province, Zhuhai has ten universities in which over 1200 under graduate students were studying, Lydia Long said adding that not only local but foreigners were also given admission there.

She said that with the passage of time, the economy is improving and now Zhuhai GDP hovering around 14000 US dollars– one of the heights in China.

Because of across the board friendly economic policies, by the end of 2011 Zhuhai was home to 11,254 foreign invested companies, she noted.

“Look at Zhuhai” strategy, the Vice-Mayor pointed out that there were number of projects being carried out to get maximum benefits of Zhuhai’s strategic locations. She in this regard, said that we are working on various projects and soon Zhuhai will be the hub of transportation, besides home of IT and other hi-end industries and technology.

According to data provided to media, the fortune Global 500 companies have set up their 80 basis in Zhuhai.