11 of a family killed in Khyber Agency bombing

PESHAWAR: Atleast 11 people of a family were killed in bombing on a house allegedly belonged to militants in Valley Tera in Khyber Agency, reported Aaj News Monday.

The security forces quoted as saying that, the resident of the house were suspected in killing of levies forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In the early hours of today, a bomb attacked the house from an unknown location killing all the eleven people and destroyed it completely.

However, the resident of the area said the house belonged to Hunar Shah, a local resident of the area.

On the otherside, nine unidentified bodies were found on Miramshah’s Mir Ali road in Pir Kali area.

All victims appeared to have been shot to death.

Our correspondent, Farzana Raja told that, the identification of all the victims is yet unknown, however security forces have begun the postmortem of the bodies.